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A Winery with a Tradition

Glenwood Oaks Winery

Wine lovers in California, here is something for you to cheer upon. Glenwood Oaks Winery which is situated in Scotts Valley has a number of new varieties of wine, just for you. These are exclusive to Glenwood Oaks, so dont miss the opportunity to have a sip and enjoy its unique flavors.

Glenwood Oaks winery is run by winer Val Rebhahn in the ever popular Glenwood area of the Santa Cruz mountains. Val Rebhahn has continued producing quality wines, a tradition that was begun some five generations back. Glenwood Oaks winery maintains a blend of the historic tradition and the needs to satisfy the new generation wine consumers.

Val Rebhahn has a number of varieties of white wine and red wine which is exclusive to Glenwood Oaks. Here are a few of them,

1998 Syrah is a red wine variety that has an elegant taste with fruit flavors and an attractive red color.

2000 Monterey Chardonnay, 2000 Santa Lucia Chardonnay, 1999 California Chardonnay, NV Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay, 2002 Kits

Estate Chardonnay are some of the white wine varieties available at Glenwood Oaks, each having its own unique flavor and properties.

These wines are served and sold exclusively for you in the following places

New Leaf Market Capitola
Clouds - Santa Cruz
Hindquarter Bar & Grille - Santa Cruz
K wine & spirits - Santa Cruz
Pleasure Point Mediterranean Liquor - Santa Cruz
Shopper's Corner - Santa Cruz
University Restaurant - UCSC - Santa Cruz
University Center - Santa Cruz
Mollie's Country Cafe - Scotts Valley
Summit Store - Los Gatos
Pleasure Point wine & Spirit - Santa Cruz
Scotts Valley Market - Scotts Valley

Glenwood Oaks winery along with other wineries and local restaurants conduct a passport program. This program is conducted for others to explore the extraordinary and incredible diversity of wines. This is a special opportunity to visit many of the wineries that are not open to the public at other times.

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