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Exclusive 2 Part Viral Marketing Strategy

Copyright 2005 by Keir Smith

I'm sure that you'd agree.....

That most successful online businesses revolve around a large list of hungry subscribers. In today's internet business environment if you aren't reminding people that you still exist, your business will stagnate and die.

So how do you let potential and current subscribers know that you still exist?

The quick and simple answer is....drum roll please...

Viral marketing.....

In this article I'm going to give you a couple of viral marketing strategies that you can start using today - this afternoon even - for building a huge list of ezine subscribers.

I'll start off with the easiest way to grow your ezine subscriber list, and that's using viral marketing tools.

Part 1 >>>>>>>>>>>

In other words, if you give away free ebooks, and e-Reports, they should be viral in nature.

Here's a basic viral example...

Suppose you have an opt in ezine list related to e-book marketing, your subscribers are most likely looking for ebook writing and marketing tips.

You could then offer them a free ebook on "how to submit your ebook to the best ebook directories on the internet. On each page of the book add a highly visible website link to your ezine subscribe webpage. website link

Then offer your ebook to your existing subscribers first. I always like to give my subscribers first chance of purchasing any new product I create or offer. Also, here's a good time to let everyone know that they can give away your ebook to their website

visitors, friends, family, and even their own ezine subscriber list.

After a couple of weeks of downloads your ebook will start to deliver quality, targeted subscribers to your ezine and website.

As if that strategy wasn't good enough, here's another viral marketing strategy that's sure to put your viral marketing campaign on steroids.

I see you like the sound of that already....

Part 2 >>>>>>>>>>>.

While creating your ebook, add affiliate links to your affiliate programs products or other affiliate program's products. This will create an additional incentive for people to pass the ebook around because now they can make money. For example...

You have your ezine subscription webpage links on every page and your ebook readers will have an additional monetary incentive to offer your ebooks to others.

This was a pretty short overview of using the viral marketing strategies, but it's straight and to the point, no fluff, just exactly what you need to create a successful viral marketing campaign.

With a little elbow grease, you can easily discover even more methods for using emails to build your business online.

About the author:

Keir Smith is the creator of the 100% totally FREE, 7 - day ecourse, "Email Strategies Explained" A step by step, no holds barred explanation of how to exactly build your business online in just a few short months. This course is free for a limited time only. For your free subscription send an email to free 7 day ecourse

Written by: Keir Smith

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