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Eleven "Fresh Out of the Box" Viral Marketing Tips

Beyond all the hype, what makes a viral marketing campaign successful? While many factors come into play, I believe that a desire to help others to succeed is the most important piece of the puzzle. In that spirit, here are eleven ways to succeed brilliantly with viral marketing.

1. Give people an opportunity to make more money than you do-much, much more! Operate with the mindset of a franchise owner. Mcdonald's only keeps 3% of the profits from its many restaurants, but takes in billions of dollars every year!

2. Create a "mini-system" that people can easily apply to start profiting almost immediately. Give them every tool they need to start giving a free item away.

3. Put the "duplication factor" into play, again in the spirit of a franchise owner. Create a proven system for wealth, keeping a small percentage of the profits, and let people teach one another the system, or give them a central location they can come back to again and again for training.

4. Be a kind of "mentor" to the people that you want to give away your free items. Constantly help them to succeed, and by doing so you will succeed greatly yourself.

5. Develop a relationship with whoever you would like to give your your free items away to. They will in effect

become loyal to you because you have demonstrated your willingness to serve them.

6. Occasionally e-mail your list with updates regarding the viral marketing campaign. Always keep it fresh, so they stay excited about it.

7. Constantly refine and improve on your viral marketing efforts, and also add to them as well.

8. Help people to create their own viral marketing campaigns in a manner that benefits them as well as you.

9. Sell your product and offer generous affiliate commission to entice people to promote it.

10. E-mail newsletter owners (make sure they don't mind you e-mailing them) and give them an incentive to be part of your viral marketing campaign.Explain the benefits. For example, how much they can profit by taking part in your viral marketing campaign.

11. Line up joint venture deals that allow your joint venture partners to profit immensely-give them a lot while you take a little.

Success in Internet marketing, and in anything else in life, requires ingenuity, creativity, determination and drive. I wish you much success with your Internet marketing campaign!
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Written by: Joseph Pattison

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