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3 Viral Marketing Secrets!

3 Viral Marketing Secrets!

by Larry Dotson

1) Forward Interesting Email To Friends

Forward interesting e-mails to your online friends with your signature file included. They may end up forwarding it to their friends and so on. It's like a chain reaction, your message will just keep multi- plying in everyone's e-mail box. It could possible reach millions of people.

2) Make Your Web Site An eBook

Convert your web site into an e-book. You could offer your e-book as a free bonus for your product or another business's product. This will also allow people to view your web site offline as well. You could put it on a CD-ROM and

include it in your direct mail packages.

3) Give Your Product To Influential People

Give your product away for free to people who will agree to influence your target audience to buy it. They could be experts, famous athletes, actors, etc. You can ask them to write a persuasive endorsement or testimonial for your product (if they like it). ---- 10,000 Killer Sales Letter Words, Phrases And Templates! Just visit:

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Written by: Larry Dotson

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