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A Life of Fun

Many people erroneously think that leisure is the art of doing nothing, as if it were possible to do nothing. Well, perhaps, physically we may be able to do nothing; however, in my opinion, even to veggie out is to do something. On the other hand, other people think that leisure is the art of being physically active; one does play sports or games and that is it.

The concept of leisure has been greatly misunderstood, as it is as encompassing as practically anything we do that makes feels good. In a way, we could say that "Leisure is the art of felling good or enjoying life."

When you think of it, you can't help but realize how immense the topic is, for the ability to feel pleasure is practically infinite as it is individual in nature. There is, of course, the great issue of feeling pleasure by doing things that are considered "questionable" as opposed to doing things that make us plainly and unlimitedly use our capabilities to feel good in a positive way.

So, we need to understand that leisure is the sum of activities in which we engage in order to feel good. These activities can be physical, intellectual, political, and social, to name a few. Here are some examples:

Physical: sports, jogging, dancing, etc.

Intellectual: puzzles, reading,


Political: debates, meetings, etc.

Social: barbecues, card and board games, balls, etc.

There are many categories in which we could put all the existing leisure activities (see another article). For now, let's think of all the things that gives us pleasure, and therefore, are leisure activities: how about telling jokes, knitting, going for walks, playing with your dog, watching movies, playing Frisbee, book-scrapping, photography, painting, listening to music, chatting with a friend, fixing a car, gardening, mowing the lawn (yes, some people enjoy this!), and even working?

Who said: find a job you love and you will never have to work again?

Now, do we need to know all the categories pertaining to Leisure? Of course, not, just enjoy your life and you will be living a "Life of Fun."

About the author:

Dr. Maria Moratto holds 5 degrees and is a life coach/educator. She promotes courses and seminars in attracting abundance and loving relationships, goal setting, diversity, time and stress management, career delineation, values clarification, leisure, college life, self-improvement, communication and learning styles, spirituality, health and lifestyle. Visit her website at . Sign up for a free e-zine.

Written by: Dr. Maria Moratto

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