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DHPP - A Must Feature In Dish Network Satellite TV

I get people always asking that what Dish Home Protection Plan (DHPP) is and what is the big deal Dish Network offering me that plan? Well, for being established for decades, Dish Network offers a comprehensive plan to protect your pleasure on satellite TV shows. Yes, thatís DHPP!

DHPP is a plan that covers you from suffering of dish network malfunction due to some unforeseen incidents. Itís a must service to look for when getting a dish network satellite TV. Check out what you can get from DHPP..

Priority Technical Support
Dish Network provides 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week online or phone call technical support. Whenever you get a dish network malfunction, you can always get fast assistance from them. It doesnít matter itís late night or early morning. You will need no more to sit at home, wasting your time (skipping your favorite show?) to wait for the technical guy to come and fix the problem.

Replacement Equipment
For usual, most of the problems settled within a simple phone call. But if the problem is isolated to the receiver, dish network will straight away send a replacement receiver directly to you. Itís fast and clean enough isnít it? DHPP covers full replacement and shipping costs of everything. Itís just all for your satellite TV pleasure!

Video Cabling & Power Surge Repairs
DHPP also covers you from any power surge damages on your Dish Network receiver as well as inside video cabling. Dish Network will send someone to your place to replace or repair it for you! And

itís for free. Perhaps you do not need to worry on thunder anymore.

In-Home Service
If Dish Network is unable to solve your problem through their technical support staff, theyíll come to you! Dish network provides in-home service that is almost perfect. No matter where you live, youíre covered, nationwide. Give them a call and they will arrange everything under DHPP.

Free Movers Program
Another feature under DHPP is free movers program. Well, if you are moving to another house, need not to worry on dish network services. Again, inform Dish Network and take along your receivers to your new house, and Dish Network will have them installed professionally in your new home free of charge!

All these features are for your satellite TV pleasure! Convenience and security is what DHPP offering you. Look for DHPP coverage when you subscribe to Dish Network. It will definitely ease your pain when problems occur with your dish network.

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Written by: Shawn Daren

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