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DAB - Whats All The Fuss?

DAB - What is it?

DAB is short for 'Digital Audio Broadcasting', and it will completely change the way we listen to radio again.

With traditional analogue signals (such as AM & FM), you are prone to interference and break up in the transmissions, whereas with DAB you get more robust and clear reception in CD like quality, without an hiss or crackling noises.

Also with DAB, there's no more need to tune into your stations, at the touch of a button you can tune into your favourite stations, listed within your DAB set, and instantly you are connected!

How Does DAB Technology Work?

DAB radio works by using MPEG and COFDM technology which converts the music or speech from analogue signal into digital code. This vastly reduces the potential for the broadcast to be corrupted during transmission by weather conditions, and other problems that can degrade the quality of reception.

Interference which disturbs analogue signals (bouncing off obstacles etc) is eliminated with DAB. DAB sets have processors which correct the signal errors providing a better reception overall.

All DAB Radio's have LCD screens allowing the radio station(s) to broadcast information and messages for the listener, as well as displaying current artist names and song titles. In

the future, it is believed DAB players will be able to record your favorite shows, and be able to receive much more sophisticated data.

DAB Offers More Choice

DAB is a much more efficient way to broadcast, meaning that there's room for many more stations, both local and national.

In the UK there are currently just over 160 different DAB digital radio stations being broadcast. There are stations for people who like sport, talk radio, comedy, dance music, rock, hip-hop, classical, alternative, world music, garage, jazz, big band, pop, country, soul, disco, oldies and R&B. With digital radio, there's something for everyone.

How Can I Receive DAB?

To receive DAB, you will need a DAB compatible aerial for either your premises or your vehicle, and further to that a DAB compatible player. Once these are installed correctly using the required equipment, you should receive crystal clear audio.

Please note, DAB is currently available to approximately 85% of the UK.

About the author:

TV Aerials Aerials & Satellites are one of the UK's largest TV Aerial & Satellite TV Installation Companies, providing a rapid and professional service, seven days of the week. Please visit our website for further information.

Written by: Mark Barnes

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