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Can DIRECTV DVR Replace Blockbuster?

What is a DIRECTV DVR? How can DIRECTV DVR replace Blockbuster? Home video libraries have

traditionally been for those with either lots of money to spend on legalized copies or for techno-pirates of the working class with little regard for the system of copyrights. While most people are not politically inclined to anarchism in the US, they are open to defending the anarchist's "free reign of information" as an excuse for making or buying illegal copies of Audio, Video and even Written materials.

Both the digital world and popular pressure finally gave in to the "free reign of information." The DIRECTV DVR is a replacement for those old home video libraries that might have up to 300 VHS tapes along the wall, each with six hours of TV, soap operas, Movies, MTV or whatever recorded on them. A DIRECTV DVR can record up to 70 hours of information in one little box. The DIRECTV DVR

will improve with time, as will technology and far from now, Video Rental stores may become obsolete.

Some political philosophers and statesmen have already conjectured what the future of our nation is to look like some 30 years from now, and one of these talking heads insights tells the tale of

the downfall of Video Rental stores like Blockbuster. DIRECTV DVR is Digital When Beta audio-video recording and playback media first arrived on the scene way back in prehistoric 1975 with 100,000 VCR machines, they were superior to the competition, but wouldn't

sell there patens. VHS came along in full and blew Sony Beta machines right out the water. Like "wow?!?" What happened? That was most peoples' sentiment at the time, at least those who had invested in Beta machines.

8-Tracks were being installed into Ford dashboards as early as 1966 and was the major audio format for cars in the 1970's, in fact was still being used by Madonna and Michael Jackson in the 1980's with such hits as Thriller. But all of a sudden Sony Walkman comes along with Compact Cassettes (which already existed), and blows 8-track out of the water... Well, mini disc sure seems like it is repeating

8-Track's history with mp3

players all over the place. DIRECTV DVR is Revolutionary Lets just look at the evolution for a second: 8-Track, Beta, Compact Cassette, VCR, Laser Disc, Compact Disc, Mini Disc, DVD, MP3 player, DVR and finally DIRECTV DVR. Well, digital didn't sell when it was fighting analog super-giants that set "standards" for excellence, but DVD, computer sales and "free reign of information on the internet" changed all that. People know what digital is the "now", and they know it is superior. People know that MP3 players don't skip tracks while driving or running, nor do they eat tape. Cell phones can play back MPEG and MP3 uploads from any digital storage space, and people know technology is picking up pace. Personal Audio and Visual libraries that occupy space are being replaced as technology speeds up and puts everything into Hard Drives. The Satellite TV DIRECTV DVR is a media storage device unlike any other that has ever existed. DIRECTV DVR is revolutionary. Big or small, tech is evolving and DIRECTV DVR will eventually blow Blockbuster out of the water.

DIRECTV DVR is the Future

How long will it take for DIRECTV DVR to fully replace the Audio-Visual media distribution of the last 50 years? Some specialists dictate that Blockbuster like media distributions of music and television libraries will be overrun by homeowners with Satellite TV, Radio, Movie Channels, Music Television, Internet and PayPerView all in one monthly service within the next five to ten years, maybe less. It all depends on how fast Satellite TV companies can compete with DIRECTV DVR multimedia digital storage and playback devices.

The more competition, the faster hardware will evolve and DIRECTV DVR is setting a standard for excellence that will only evolve and upgrade itself with every new advance in technology.

"DIRECTV DVR is the future of multimedia digital home storage."

About the author:

Gary Davis is owner of an authorized DIRECTV retailer, has over five years experience in the Satellite TV business and has written numerous articles on the subject.

Written by: Gary Davis

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