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An Introduction to Satellite TV

Without a basic understanding of satellite TV and how it works you won't be able to truly enjoy and reap the benefits of your new Dish Network or Direct TV system!

Satellite TV works the same as a conventional television does. Radio signals transmit programming that is then received through a satellite that orbits around the earth. This satellite broadcasts a signal to the dish connected to the user's home.

Satellite technology allows the viewer to receiver more than 250 channels on their home television, which is far more than your conventional television offers.

There are two primary Satellite Companies in the United States that provide satellite TV service to their customers. They are Dish Network and Direct TV, with Dish Network being the most well know service!

Each of these satellite companies broadcasts channels directly to your home. The provider may vary in your area, depending on where you are located. You can find out beforehand which company if not both are available to you.

When considering the switch to Dish network or Direct TV, here are some questions to ask yourself and then consider before making your decision.

How many receivers will you need? The prices and fees may vary between providers. One may offer more receivers per house while one may offer an additional fee per room,

definitely a consideration.

Viewing preferences - If you are an avid sports fan and want to watch live sporting events - do price comparisons on this package and any other add-ons. Is there a cost difference? Is it too great or comparable?

What is your satellite service primarily for; television service, internet service or both? Which provider has better pricing for both or one or the other?

Price differences - While both Dish network and Direct TV offer free equipment and installation be sure to compare package deals and costs, this is where there will be a cost difference more than likely.

Consider these few facts before making the switch and you should be happy and watching over 250 channels in no time at all. What are you waiting for Get your free satellite system from Dish network or Direct TV today!

Pat Johnson is the owner of Dish Network and Direct TV Pat has many years experience in the Satellite TV Industry and has written numerous articles about Dish Network and Direct TV. Copyright 2005 megazowie
About the Author

Pat Johnson is the owner of Dish Network or Direct TV located at Pat has many years experience in the Satellite TV Industry and has written numerous articles about Dish Network and Direct TV.

Written by: Pat Johnson

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