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This article provides useful, detailed information about ALA Research.

In type-II diabetes, insulin resistance, rather than a lack of insulin, is the cause of elevated blood glucose levels. A small number of clinical studies have reported the benefits of high doses of racemic Lipoic Acids in improving insulin sensitivity. Animal studies have suggested higher benefit levels from R-isomer of Lipoic Acid as compared to its S-isomer. However, clinical studies are required to prove this benefit. Evidence of Lipoic Acid-induced reduction of oxidative stress in diabetic patients\' needs to be established with further studies.

The beneficial effects of ALA treatment on symptoms of diabetic neuropathy have been observed in at least 15 clinical trials. Many short-term preliminary studies in humans have stated that Lipoic Acid administration can reduce the risk of vascular complications in diabetic (type I and type II) patients.

Several studies in aging rats have reported that short-term combined dietary supplementation with R-alpha Lipoic Acid and acetyl-L-carnitine improved mitochondrial energy metabolism, decreased oxidative stress, and had positive effects on physical activity and short-term memory. However, long-term studies on humans are needed to prove similar effects. In a short-term research

study, Lipoic Acid has been found to significantly increase plasma vitamin C and glutathione in HIV-infected patients. In a Russian study, Lipoic Acid\'s ability to reduce free radical damage caused by radiation exposure has been observed.

Animal studies have reported the use of Lipoic Acid in the prevention of cell damage in stroke and congestive cardiac failure patients. Extensive animal studies have shown the significant protective effects of Lipoic Acid against ischemia-reperfusion injury. Animal studies on Lipoic Acid have also proposed its benefit in the treatment of several neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer\'s disease, Parkinson\'s disease, and Huntington\'s disease. While the results of animal studies are encouraging, long-term, placebo-controlledFeature Articles, randomized clinical trials are needed for its confident prescription.

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Written by: Jimmy Sturo

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