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Acne Medication - Research Of Side Affects

Acne is an extremely common skin affliction affecting around 85% of teenagers and young adults as well as a significant proportion of adults.

With a plethora of acne information available, it may also be difficult to establish what is the right treatment and/or medication. In a previous article I suggested that as all of us are individuals, it is likely so to will the treatment for each person’s acne.

Let’s delve a bit further into treatments and medication. In the case of mild or even slightly worse acne, a good preventative and treatment regime if rigorously followed is often found to control the affliction.

However there are obviously sufferers with severe acne where over the counter or non prescription treatments have not had the desired impact. Whilst I would suggest in this instance finding a reputable dermatologist you will likely find that an acne treatment regime still has a place in assisting the overall treatment.

It would be extremely advisable for those prescribed medications for the more severe acne affliction to carefully research the medication prior to commencing. The clear example of this is the medication for “recalcitrant modular acne” being Isotretinoin (marketed as Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis & Sotret). The US Food and Drug Administration provides significant information in relation to this particular drug however in short it is known to cause birth defects and is being examined in relation to reports of suicide or suicidal thoughts associated with the use of the drug.

A Risk Management program called iPLEDGE in relation to this drug is in place with

information and updates available.

The program is ensuring adequate controls are in place in relation to the use of this drug and the important message is “Do not purchase this drug over the internet”.

There are a range of prescribed medications available with those applied to the skin for more mild to moderate cases and oral medications for more severe.

Some of these include:

• Oral antibiotics
• Oral contraceptives
• Azelaic Acid
• Benzoyl peroxide
• Clindamycin
• Erythromycin
• Sodium sulfacetamide
• Tazarotene
• Tretinoin
• Adapalene

The message is still however to do the appropriate research as information on some drugs may change significantly over time.

Whilst medications are vital in the treatment of a significant number of conditions aside from acne, it is always wise to research the medication to allow a balanced approach or weighing up the benefits prior to commencing.

This is obviously extremely clear in the case of the drug Isotretinoin for severe acne.

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