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Color Psychology Will Make Or Break Your Sales Success

Color psychology is the biggest question I receive on a
regular basis. The reason being is it's importance. Color
is a trigger that is associated with traditions and used in
marketing over the years so well that they must be
or sales are lost.

Color will also trigger reactions. It is a given. This is
why you must know how to choose the right color for the
right reaction at the right time.

Because of a color's relevance to success in marketing, I
always like to continue sharing and repeating in some
what colors to use and when.

Here are eleven of the basic colors. These colors work for
triggers on Americans only. Every country, culture, have
different representations for color. If you are even
selling to the Asian culture in the United States, the
colors will change. Learn the colors of whom you are
selling too and sales will blossom just like a rainbow of
tulips in your garden.

Quick List

Red creates excitement, displays strength, is used to
express s*e*x, passion, speed and danger. Use
appropriately and it works extremely well.

This is the most popular color. Why? Because it builds
trust, reminds people of sky gazing/dreaming. Thus,
builds trust, conveys reliability, a sense of belonging,
coolness (in the 1980's sense), refreshing and clean.

We think of the sun and sunshine, it's warmth, being
cheerful and happy. Place it together with blue and
thoughts of sitting on the beach or looking out over the
ocean connect.

Orange isn't used much in marketing. On a computer
it looses its hue. When it is clearly visible that it is
orange, it conveys playfulness, triggers child-like
behavior -- great in workshops if you want to take people
to that place, it also conveys warmth and vibrancy.

When we think of green we associate with trees and
This brings up associations with nature, freshness,
coolness. It also means growth and abundance. Money is
green and we are automatically associating green with

Royal purple brings up pictures of royalty. Conveyed
through the centuries from religion and palace decorations
isn't going to change any of

our associations today.
Purple means spirituality and dignity as well.

Usually associated with femininity, it means soft, sweet,
nurturing and many times security. The security of
motherhood and all that it represents. As females mature
they sometimes lose their feminine side due to business
stiffness. To bring it back in surround yourself with
pink for a year. Pink blouse, suit, watch, and household

White and black aren't really called a color but we
recognize them as such. White represents pure, purity,
virgin, clean, youthful and mild. This is why white
backgrounds work better than black backgrounds on a

Black can trigger representation of the dark side of
things in certain situations. Usually when black is the
dominant color on the page. It can also represent
sophistication, elegance, mystery. Black in clothing is
seductive and thus will represent the same thing in many
marketing materials -- even though it is only a mindful
trigger and not a voiced one.

Gold is worth more than silver or copper but not diamonds.
Since we've been taught to associate gold with value, that
is exactly what is triggered when we see it in marketing
materials. It can seldom be used in marketing materials
though because the color usually isn't duplicated well.
On the Net it gets confused with yellow a lot and what
yellow represents.

Silver also represents prestige just like gold. It too,
is a hard color to express on the Internet or in printed
materials. It sends signals of cold or scientific. This
is why silver kitchen appliances sell so well. It also
represents cleanness in some instances, especially

This isn't all the colors of the rainbow, they are the most
important ones in marketing. Use them wisely and they will
make a difference in sales -- or the type of response you
are looking for.

About the Author

Catherine Franz, a Certified Professional Coach, specializes
in infoproduct development. Newsletters and additional
articles available:

Written by: Catherine Franz

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