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6 Tips For Raising Your Search Engine Rankings

Whether your site is profitable or not with PPC advertising, search engine rankings are an important factor to consider in improving profitability. The higher you are on a variety of search engines, the better off your profitability.

1. Site Navigation

The navigation menu that appears on your website should include your page's titles if possible. Also, your sites navigation should be consistent and on every page so that not only people may easily navigate your site, but search engine spiders as well.

2. Choose Less Popular Keywords

Don't just use the most popular keyword phrases - the market is so competitive that you should be sure to include some special keywords relative to your website. This is especially true if you are just starting to market your site on the web.

3. Choose Related Links

Make sure that you don't have a lot of irrelevant links on your site. The more closely the links on your site are related to your site, the better the chances of being ranked well in search engines.

4. Update Your


You need to periodically update the content of your website, even if it's only a slight change. Search engine spiders give better rankings to sites that update content often.

5. Don't Over Submit

You need to consider the fact that many search engines don't like automatic submissions or multiple submissions. Therefore, submit only once and don't use a whole slew of submitting software.

6. Subscribe To and Read Search Engine Relevant News.

Always be on a look out for SEO news - staying up to date and using the latest techniques will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

When it comes to massive profitability, high search engine rankings can't be beat. Keep on top of the game and you will be happy you did.

About the author:

Halstatt Pires is with the Internet marketing firm - - an Internet marketing company in San Diego, which offers online database solutions through for ecommerce.

Written by: Halstatt Pires

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