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American pixel advertising site announces launch of www.redneckpixels.com

American pixel advertising site announces launch of www.redneckpixels.com to "home in" on the Redneck niche market

Maine owners Dan Daley (Bubba Dan) and Steve McFadden (Bubba Steve) announce the Grand Opening of www.redneckpixels.com , a pixel advertising website focused towards today's Redneck market.

Dan Daley and Steve McFadden announce the Grand Opening of www.redneckpixels.com , a pixel advertising website focused towards today's Redneck market. Inspired by the recent success of UK's Alex Tew, the creator of pay-by-the-pixel advertising, Daley and McFadden decided to "jump into the fray" and develop a site, that would be patriotic, family oriented and "just plain fun." The site, officially launched on January 12, 2006, is unique in its approach to serve the "average American," as a place to visit and experience a collection of advertised websites based on today's popular "Redneck culture."

When asked why the choice of a Redneck-based content for the site, McFadden answered and said, "Because everyone can truly relate to today's Rednecks. I believe there's a little (or a lot) of redneck in each of us." McFadden also went on to state, "Comedian Jeff Foxworthy did a lot to take that "country hick" or uneducated/uncouth undertone out of the word Redneck. Foxworthy put the word into our homes and made us look at ourselves in the same light. Most of us say 'I do that!' when confronted with his jokes. Today's Redneck could be anyone from a corporate CEO to the guy that pumps gas for a living. People just do funny things and that often qualifies them as a Redneck. They live, laugh, love, enjoy the indoors and outdoors alike. We are targeting the common person that loves their family, their kids, their toys, their pets, their faith and all of their lovely, wonderful quirks."

The two

are both family men that work together in the Information Technology field. Daley had been following Alex Tew's success and brought the idea of a similar site to McFadden. They began planning and development late in 2005. "We're just glad to have it up and running," stated Daley, "I am very proud of the work we have done."

When asked what their immediate plans were for the site McFadden stated, "We want to start getting the space rented out to advertisers. Our goal, of course, is for the site to earn an income and provide a valued service to our Advertisers and Viewers. We will be selling off the first 100,000 pixels for $0.10 each, that's $10 dollars for a single grid square. After that, the price will increase to $1.00 per pixel, which we believe is fair market value, as proved by Tew. The way to do that is to get our site 'out there' for people to find and enjoy. Promoting the site is our main concern right now. If you can't find it you can't use it," he stated.

"We have a lot of plans for the future," stated Daley. "We're just not going to talk about them right now," he quoted with a grin.

The two share a lot in common but are quite diverse in other ways. "That gives us a unique approach, I think," stated Daley. "What I don't think of, Steve does." McFadden quoted, "Daley is the dreamer, I'm the realist. We work great together on the job, we joke, we laugh, and sometimes things get so funny that we pull all of those around us right into it. Sometimes we get going so bad we can't stand to look at each other, without tears of hilarity streaming down our faces."

The duo appears to be on track with this endeavor. Who knows, they might just be laughing all the way to the Redneck bank.

About the author:

www.redneckpixels.com -- Steve McFadden is a long time professional in the Hospital Information Systems field, follower of Jesus Christ and internet entrepreneur.

Written by: Steve McFadden

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