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Buena Software introduces another plug-in for after effect, the Au Naturel. Au Naturel is a set of seven built-in effects. Effects include adjust exposure effect, levels effect, Gaussian Blur effect, Directional Blur effect, transform effect, composite effect and time lapse effect.

Au Naturel’s Gaussian blur is better than that of the discreet Combustion’s built in Gaussian blur because it works in 32 bit floating point linear RGB color space. Meaning the result is more natural. The blur effect can be applied with either a single or all of the channels.

If you want to constrain the blur to a particular angle use the Directional Blur effect. With this effect, changing the frame edges is not a problem. You can even imitate the edge pixel.

The adjust exposure effect is basically the regulating of the f-stop of the footage. F-stop is the opening of the lens. If you are holding a camera, you need to adjust the opening of the lens to capture dark or bright scenes. The same with images in computers, you can adjust the scene of an image. For a better result in changing scenes, the highlight should be brighter and the shadow should be darker. Au Naturel gives you this kind of result without affecting the quality of the image.

The Levels effect is just the applications levels control. The only difference is that in Au Naturel you are allowed to use values

beyond the minimum and maximum pixel value range. In other words, you can set levels without limitations. These values can also be preserved.

The Transform effect is used for the rotation and scaling, although other supported application already contains this ability. It also allows you to translate and skew your image with sub-pixel accuracy. In Au Naturel, scaled images are more detailed and sharper. It gives you high quality transformations.

Au Naturel has the most unique compositing tools. Compositing linear RGB with each alpha channel is allowed. To simulate the interactions of the lights in the scene, each color channel must have alpha channel. This is basically the balancing of the color to create the right light for the scene. Just like in the actual filming, you need to adjust the light that is appropriate for the scene.

The time lapse effect is the blurring of the image temporarily. This effect produces light streak on bright objects and softer areas for localized motion.

The Au Naturel collection contains adjustable channels to produce more powerful and natural effect. It is compatible with Adobe After Effects, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and other programs.

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