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Along came the Internet Billboard

While there have been comparative articles done looking at the pro's and con's of google ad placement versus e-zine add placement, we want to highlight a third alternative. Another market is being developed in internet billboards. For the cost of only 1$ per pixel, whereby most companies will purchase a simple 100 pixel ad for a total of 100$, you can get not only a graphic image for your website, but also a free text link with a description of your site. Unlike google ads or ezines however, they will not be lost, or pushed to archive for at last 5 years. Most ezine sites do not keep their archive section for more than 1 year, 2 at most.

Another advantage with placing an ad on an internet billboard is that the ad with the additional text link will count as a one way link back to your webpage. All of the internet search engines place one way linking above all others since, in most cases, it denotes a quality site that people will want to link towards. One way linking from any site is not enough. It needs to be from a site that itself is highly ranked, in order to gain maximum effect. Thus is the business of any professional internet billboard site, to maintain a high amount of traffic flow throughout its life cycle.

Choosing a quality internet billboard becomes increasing important, given the increase in the amount of sites of this nature. Personal

themed sites are not a wise choice for a company. One of the laws of advertising is uniqueness. Certain approaches only work well the first time. When the original pixel site was created, it was in order to use raise money for the creator's personal ambitions. Numerous copycat sites continue to be created, with reasons that are either entertaining, or notably suspect. Other internet billboards promise to donate 100% of all profits away, to one organisation or another. Companies or individuals that are willing to just give money away for a well thought out creative new idea will only happen once. Every other instance must show a return on investment, and personal pixel sites cannot be counted on to do that.

Internet Billboards do work, and can increase both your page rank value, and get you a better click through ratio than either google ads or paid advertisement on an ezine, but only if invested wisely.

About The Author

Gary Whittaker is the co-creater for, the best in internet billboarding. will donate 10% of total profits in the NAME OF THE TOP PURCHASING company or person to the CHARITY OF THEIR CHOICE.

Written by: Gary Whittaker

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