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Advertising just got a bit bubblier a unique concept in the idea of selling space on the web. Selling pixels what I great idea but I had an idea of my own. I thought why cant this advertising be a bit more fun, a bit more livelier, a bit more bubblier. The idea came to me when I saw the original Pixel idea from Alex Tew put I couldn't copy this idea its not my nature, I now many have and good luck to them. But with Alex's idea in mind of a one page advertising phenomenon, I was watching my 20 month old son Dylan playing with his toy balls, and it came to me Advertising bubbles hence Bubvert. I chose bubbles instead of balls for two reason - They are transparent so I could put the ads inside them and 2 their just more floaty if that's a word. From

that day my head just kept filling up with different features that I could add to the Bubverts. I mean people pay more for a more prominent ad so I decided to use different sized Bubverts but then I thought - nah don't want to give too much away. Anyway my eventual goal would be to set up an affiliating site so the bubbles can float off somewhere and start to pop up on other sites well that's the future lets hope it gets that far. In the meanwhile lets stick too the main site, Well the Bubverts themselves will include a company image and a direct link too the website. I also have a "free" links page (not totally free id appreciate a link in return) well that's it really please check it out, Chris.
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Written by: Chris Hartley

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