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Advertising By Pixel

Theres a new phenomenon on the Internet one that you may not have heard of before. Its called pixel advertising.

Pixel advertising is just what it sounds like. You purchase pixels, instead of text or banner links on a website. For most pixel sites, you are free to choose from 100 pixels all the way to a million.

The pixel sites work like this. The site has 10 pixel by 10 pixel squares across the page. These squares make up a nice little grid. Each square, then, is for sale. You can combine these squares to make a bigger impression.

To purchase a square, youll need to know the size you want to purchase, and you should have a graphic pre-made for your selection. If you want a default square, youd make a 10 pixel by 10 pixel graphic. Granted, not much is going to fit into that little square, but if you get prime placement, you may be able to get away with it.

The amount of pixel advertising websites is also becoming more widespread, which is driving down prices. While the very first sites were charging a dollar a pixel, it is not unusual to see pricing as low as

ten cents a pixel (or ten dollars per square) now.

These sites also do some good for their advertisers. If they are popular enough, the links provided will drive more traffic to their websites. If they are paying a fairly low price for their box, they are probably getting a good amount of traffic. This traffic, hopefully, leads to higher revenue for the advertisers.

While pixel advertising is definitely not here to stay, we should all enjoy the ride. These sites make it easy and affordable for advertisers to get one-way backlinks that they need, and they drive more traffic to their site for a minimal cost.

About the Author:

Will Hanke runs - a niche pixel advertising website for the legal profession. He is also owner of Lighthouse Technologies, a web development and hosting company in the USA.


Written by: Will Hanke

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