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7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween

Children aren't the only ones who should be closely monitored on Halloween. The holiday can be a scary and dangerous time for your pet as well.

By following some simple tips you can keep your pet safe and comfortable without infringing on the family fun:

1. Don't put costumes on your pets unless they are used to it. Wearing clothing can make pets uncomfortable and even sick.

2. Candy is for humans and not for their furry friends.

3. Chocolate is toxic to animals. It can make them very sick. Make sure that the "after Halloween" candy is put away so your pet cant get it--especially the chocolate. We hear from owners every year of pets they had to take to the emergency room because they managed to find the candy and eat it. Give them a pet treat instead.

4. If you know or suspect your pet has eaten some Halloween candy contact your veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. Some candies, especially chocolate, can be life threatening. If you cant reach your veterinarian you can call the ASPCAs Poison Control Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (888) 426- 4435.

Caution: A $50 consultation fee may be

applied to your credit card.

5. Costumes may look strange to people, but just imagine what they look like to a dog or cat. Animals aren't used to seeing that kind of thing, and it could frighten them. So, it's best not take them trick or treating.

6. If your pet isnt good with strangers, its best to put him in a separate room away from the door, so he wont be bothered by the presence of strangers.

7. If your pet is going to be free in the house, with the door being opened repeatedly, there is more of a chance that your pet can get outside. So, remember to make sure he is wearing his license tags. That way, if he does get away, there is a better chance of getting him back home sooner.

James Kelly is the owner of Travelin Pets, a web site specializing in providing information and quality products for traveling pets and their owners.

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Written by: James Kelly

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