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Certified by Nature

Naturgress porcelain floor tiles by Iris Ceramica have received the ANAB certification mark, which identifies the materials approved to be used in sustainable architecture.

A seal of quality reserved for products which:
- are obtained from renewable raw materials
- do not require an excessive amount of energy for their production, transportation or assembly
- do not release substances dangerous for man or the environment.

The association
The ANAB, National Association for Bioecological Architecture, is the leading Italian association in this

sector. Founded by a group of architects worried by the environmental and healthy risks posed by the building industry, it promotes sustainable architecture through:

- the professional training of designers and other workers in the sector
- the promotion of construction methods that are environmentally friendly and safe
- the certification of the bio-environmental quality of building materials and home furnishings
- promoting employee awareness of environmental issues
- supporting public bodies in the setting up of master plans of sustainable building.

Written by: Iris Ceramica

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