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Cash In On Human Nature!

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Cash In On Human Nature! by Dan Rollins
(c) 2002

In the early days of the Internet, just about every expert and guru extolled the virtues of building 'content sites'. While this tends to build a lot of credibility, some very profitable ones were nothing more than a page or two of direct sales material.

More and more 'direct sales' sites are popping into existence because from the creators point of view, the advantages are:

1) Can be put together quickly

2) No time wasted generating material you are only going to give away for free

3) Fast results - the site is running quicker and earning you money faster

Take a look around the Internet and you'll find just about anything and everything being sold online. You can even buy a brand new car online and have it delivered to your door.

Consumer awareness has risen and more people than ever shop online and don't feel unsafe doing so.

So the truth is - anything can be sold online.

The important question is...

What can be sold online from a direct sales page and with little or no cash investment?

One criteria and two basic choices!

The one basic criteria when deciding what to sell is simply that what you determine to sell must have an excellent profit margin. If you elect to sell an item that costs you $20 and the most you can sell it for is $25, you are going to have a hard time developing a serious profit.

Two choices for products that fit this criteria are:

1) Products that a supplier will sell to you for pennies on the dollar and drop-ship to your customer

2) Digitally delivered info-products

If you elect to sell products from a drop-shipper

remember that the product must be something there is a demand for. Preferably something that solves a problem and something with enough features to write about in your sales copy.

The product should bring mark-ups of at least 100% and arrangements should be made for returns. Make sure you won't get stuck out of pocket offering your no risk, money back guarantee.

Ideally, the most profitable of online business products are digitally delivered info-products.

If the term 'digitally delivered' is new to you, don't worry. It's a simple concept.

A digitally delivered product is one that is in the form of an e-book or some other computer file that a purchaser can download from the web or have e-mailed to them.

Examples would be e-books, special reports in PDF or text format, membership sites, audio recordings in MP3 format or realplayer and computer software.

Digitally delivered products reduce administration to zero and you cash in on human nature for instant gratification.

If you sell software or information, then you can sell it on an "Instant Access" basis. If you have an audio cassette, why not check out MP3 file formats and make your presentation available instantly upon order confirmation. If you have a book or set of reports, then turn them into an electronic book.

If you have a product that can be sold in this way, or you can develop one, then you have a potential cash bomb just waiting to go off.

============================================================ Dan Rollins shares a unique blueprint to e-biz success. Discover how too can quickly find or create a unique product and sell it for huge profits from a simple, one page website. visit today! ============================================================

Written by: Dan Rollins

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