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5 Secrets To Getting Results In The Music Business

1. Set out deliberately to make every day highly productive.

Decide on one main purpose for each day. Determine that you're going to achieve that one object above everything else. If you accomplish even one worthwhile thing each day, you'll be inspired to keep moving ahead! And a series of successful days makes a highly productive year!

Achievement begins with a definite, written plan for each day's work. Be strict with yourself on this one. It's vital to your best progress.

After planning your day, start working right away with passion and excitement. Do your honest-to-goodness best. If some part of your work seems boring, put more heart and purpose into it, and you'll be surprised at the satisfaction and motivation that'll pop up!

2. Make the most of your opportunities each day.

Whatever you do, always expect success. Make the most of your best talents.

There are opportunities all around you! Look for them. Grab them and hold on tight! Keep your eyes fixed upon one purpose, and remember that perseverance may carry you far beyond your immediate goal. It could bring you even greater success than you anticipate.

Don't wait for your best working mood, but create it. Concentration is one of the great secrets of achievement. Apply yourself wholeheartedly to a task for one hour. You'll accomplish more than you will from several hours of aimless effort. Get used to doing one thing at a time and to do it thoroughly.

3. Appreciate the privilege of work.

You can't afford to take things easy while climbing the ladder of success. Don't back up because difficulty comes knocking at your door. Move ahead. Don't be scared of a little work. Work is the medicine of the soul. It's more than that - it's your very life.

You don't need extraordinary abilities for the highest success. In most instances successful folks rise to the

top by making the most of ordinary talents and opportunities. A person of average ability inspired by hard work and determination will outstrip a genius who doesn't know where he's headed.

4. Be courageous!

You'll be confronted by difficulties and discouragements, but decide to be strong and focused at all times. Make yourself do the difficult things. Get them out of the way first. Your courage and motivation will grow.

5. Develop extra energy reserves.

Store up energy for future use. Now, you may wonder how you can store up what you don't have, but you're better equipped than you think.

At the next sign of mental or physical laziness or inclination to give up because of a challenge, try the following exercise: Stand up straight, breathe deeply, rise on your toes, and stretch your arms toward the ceiling. Repeat this several times with gusto. Shake out the lazies, and then get back to your work with renewed energy.

Change of work is restful and revs up your brain power. People don't often break down from overwork but from lack of organization and knowledge.

Work during all the working hours of the day. Try to make every moment count. Put your whole strength and best effort into the work of the moment.

Also, make time for leisure outside of your regular business hours. Free time is actually most enjoyable when there's plenty of hard work before and after it. Really!

Take action on these 5 steps, and you'll find your days filled with great joy and effectiveness.
About the Author

David Hooper is the founder of Kathode Ray Music, an artist development organization specializing in promotion and marketing of independent musicians and bands. Visit for daily music business news and marketing advice.

Written by: David Hooper

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