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2 japanese albums just appear at iTunes music store.

Bigfish Network proudly announce that
At iTunes music store, we just starts
the digital distribution for Japanese 2 titles!!

Seiji Toda "There She Goes" [ELECTRONICA]
Elegant Techno Pops made in JAPAN, with the flavor of German Techno Sounds and Japanese Lyricism

Rika Shinohara "Daylight" [Folk/ROCK]
Brand new - Folk rocking tracks with very beautiful voice of Japanese woman, sounding a bit like Sheryl Crow musically.


Bigfish Network CDs are also available at

FISHERMEN TITTOT: The Instant Fisherman [NewAge]

About the Author

34-1-406 Sugaogaoka Miyamae Kawasaki
Kanagawa JAPAN 216-0014

Written by: bigfish network

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