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14 Things I've Learned From Country Music

1) A man is not a man without a cowboy hat.

2) You won't miss someone 'til they're gone. And when they're gone, they're gone for good. Just warning ya.

3) NASCAR is cool.

4) Lonely is not cool.

5) A dog probably really is man's best friend.

6) Home-wreckin' hussies must be dealt with immediately.

7) The starving artist who got their start playing in honky-tonks will always make it big. Always.

8) Watermelons and apple pies should have their own sections on the food pyramid.

9) Men are two-timin', back-stabbin',

double-crossin', cheating, lying jerks.

10) So are women.

11) You should never, never, never under any circumstances let your significant other go into a bar alone. 'Cause something's gonna happen.

12) Men should drive trucks. And women should ride in them. In white tank tops.

13) Work sucks.

14) Life on the farm isn't so bad.

About the Author

Visit my music blog, Striking a Chord, at Feel free to leave any comments, news, rants, or raves. Hope to see you there!

Written by: Emily Sigers

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