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Aligning Motorcycle Wheels

Aligning the wheels is universally regarded as a sound bike practice. It is a good thing to have both ends of the motorcycles aligned so as to make cornering smooth and predictable. In addition, alignment makes less wear and tear for the wheels.

It is rare for riders to do alignment on new bikes. This is because innovations greatly improve production tolerances over time. Thus, most bikes now are pretty straight.

However, we have to do the aligning to most of the models we have these days. Before you proceed to the aligning, be sure that the motorcycle parts are free from flaws and the basics are fine.

Traveling in a straight line will definitely bring you to your desired destination with lesser effort and calculation. If the wheels are not aligned, the bike may have the tendency to pull on one side or steer in one direction easier. These circumstances can lessen the bike's tyre span.

If you are using the squiz at your conventional chain-drive bike, you can change the back wheel's position through the adjusters. When you move the wheel or tension the chain, you line it up against the alignment marks on the swingarm. If the axle is back on one side at about three and a half notches, be certain to

bring it back to the same extent to the other side. Always double check.

To test the alignment of your bike, you can use the string lining technique. All you have to do is to use two straight edges or strings that are longer than your bike. Let your bike stand still on the sidestand and closely prop up to vertical. A race stand is also a good alternative. The next thing to do is to wrap the string around the front wheel and connect it under-bike hardware under the machine. To achieve best results, you must have a bike buddy to assist you. Another, you can also use oil cans and jackstands to hold the loose ends of the string while you are fiddling. To make it all lined is quite a hard thing to do but to make it easy, stop when the bike is already assumed straight.

Accurateness is not that critical. If ever, you find it really difficult to align, check on the frame or perhaps the bike might have been designed with the rear wheel offset from the front.

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Written by: Maricon Williams

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