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A Guide to Getting the Best Vehicle Shipping Quote


As with most things one of the key points to ensuring you are getting the best vehicle shipping quote you can is arming yourself with the appropriate knowledge. Research using the Internet and ask vehicle shipping companies any questions you may have, donít be afraid to be foolish but do this before you ring for your vehicle shipping quote. Some pretty quick searching on the Internet will bring up numerous sites regarding a vehicle shipping quote and you should be reading more than a handful of these sites before you even think about starting to get quotes for your site. Write down anything you have any questions about and canít find the answer to; also write down any services you require and anything that differs depending on the vehicle shipping company you are looking at. A good example may be level of vehicle shipping Insurance cover or whether they do door to door delivery. Armed with this information you will be better placed to get an accurate vehicle shipping quote.

Start your list.

From the services you have written down determine any factors that you consider essential. Perhaps you require door to door delivery and nothing else will do, in this case write that down.

Make initial contact.

Now, ring around as many companies as you can to get quotes. Make sure that you tell them of any services you deem to be essential. Tell the vehicle shipping company that there quote must include door to door delivery and you donít want a quote that doesnít offer that service. When asking for a quote tell them that you and a few friends are looking to ship your motorcycles and youíd like a quote off them for your bike to get an idea of the price. They wonít

offer you bulk discount but they will probably give you a better price to try and win the larger order.

Compile and discard.

Once youíve got a good number of quotes in, compile a list of the quotes with prices and key points (including services) for each of your vehicle shipping quote. Now, get rid of any that donít offer the essential services you require; get rid of these regardless of the price of the quote; donít forget these are services you canít do without. Next, get rid of any outrageously high quotes that donít offer anything exceptional. Even if they do offer something exceptional if itís a luxury you should discard them too. You should be left with quotes at a reasonable price that offer at least everything you need. Now compare those you have left and get rid of the few that offer the least for your money. This will leave you with a shortlist of companies that are offering similar services for a reasonable amount of money.


This canít be stated enough. Ring all the companies back and tell them that you have a cheaper offer or an offer at a similar amount but with a little something extra. Itís amazing how often the absolute rock bottom price a vehicle shipping company has offered you turns out to have a little room for movement. You can keep doing this until all the companies have finally had enough and refuse to budge.

If you follow all of these steps you should be left with one company that offers you the best value for money from your vehicle shipping quote.

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Written by: Peter Lenkefi

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