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A Guide To Buying Used Bikes In Cape Town

Buying a used bike can be a real challenge. You’ve looked around, your phone bills are through the roof and last thing you need is a new ball and chain. So here are a few pointers…

Buying second hand motorcycles from a dealer can be a safer option. Contrary to popular belief, dealers offer a range of benefits you’re not likely to receive from a private seller including:

· A 30 day warrantee on the clutch and gearbox
· You receive the maximum protection of the law
· Obtaining credit is easier
· The bike usually comes fully serviced

Buying Privately

While buying privately can save time and money, it carries more risk.
A number of people have actually purchased used bikes in Cape Town that were stolen. In some cases the vehicle has belonged to a finance company, as it was used as security for a lone. A few more pitfalls include:

· The bike may not have been serviced and does not normally come with a warranty.
· Remember that the buyer also has fewer rights
· Unscrupulous dealers often pose as private sellers when wanting to rid themselves of a no-seller.

When buying second hand motorcycles…

Check the mechanical safety of the vehicle; there should never be any compromise on this point. Also, keep in mind that anyone who buys a stolen

vehicle in South Africa has no rights.

Check the identification numbers. These are the number plate or vehicle registration number, the vehicle identification number (VIN) and last but not least the engine number.

Grey Imports

Many of the used bikes in Cape Town are grey imports, sounds bad but that just means they were not imported by registered dealer. Most of the time the bikes are fine. However, the clock readings on many of these are not accurate.

The best bet would be to consider the condition of the bike over what the clock reads. Here you will need the help of someone who knows the mechanics of motorcycles.

Take it to the AA

If unsure about the bike, but sure it’s a great deal you’d not like to miss. Take it to the AA for a check up. It’s worth the few hundred Rands you’ll spend.

About the Author: presents users with photos of used bikes in Cape Town. Motorcycle dealers and their showrooms can be accessed via the BikeFinder website


Written by: Greg Hudson

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