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5 Steps to Buying Toys for Big Boys

5 Steps to Buying Toys for Big Boys Practical Tips to Gift Givers - As Suggested by the Big Boys

Got a Big Boy and you don't have a clue what to buy for him this holiday season? We did some research and asked men who were surfing around power sports websites (go-carts, ATVs, scooters, dirt bikes, etc.) and we got some pretty good hints!

1. Buy him something cool! Face it, Boys of all ages like cool! Power sports are definitely cool! From the time they can sit up, Boys want to ride. A knee when they are an infant; a bike or trike when they are a toddler; scooters and go-carts< /A> as a kid; to ATVS, dirt bikes, motorcycles, and bigger go-carts as a teenager and adult.

2. Buy him something that he can use for a long time! And more importantly, something he'll WANT to use for a long time. Big Boys work hard and play hard and they need their gear to last a long time. If Power sports vehicles are on your Big Boy's list, make sure you choose from
ATVs, scooters, or go-carts that are backed by a strong manufacturer's warranty and buy them from a reputable retailer who has experience in the industry.

3. Buy him something that he won't have to keep putting a lot of money into to keeping enjoying his "gift". Big Boys pour enough money into their pickups every week. For just a few bucks, they can get hours of fun riding go-carts in the dirt. Scooters give them even more of an opportunity to save money and they can mix a little fun into their daily commute.

4. Buy him

something that makes him feel young and energetic again. Most Big Boys are actually Little Boys at heart. They love to get dirty and play hard. As Little Boys, they yearned to drive go-carts and ride scooters and that "need for speed" still lives in them. Did you know that "karting" - racing go-carts - was actually started over 40 years ago by Big Boys who wanted a more affordable avenue for organized motor racing? They started their own racing circuit and promoted go-carts and karting all over the country.

5. Buy him something that will promote family togetherness, not take him away. Dads really do want to spend time with the kids. And not just sitting around and watching TV. Riding go-carts, ATVs, and scooters promotes fun family bonding. And with go-carts available for children as young as 3, the entire family can take part in fast-paced entertainment.

Buy a big red bow and get ready for some fun!

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About the author:

Suzanne McIntosh is the Vice President of PSJ Enterprise LLC. She has done in-depth research on top consumer Big Boys toys like scooters, go-carts and many other fun toy products for 2005.

Written by: Suzanne McIntosh

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