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1998 Honda Fireblade: A Quality Used Superbike

When looking through the newspapers for a used superbike in Cape Town, you’ll be surprised at what you get for your money’s worth. When you actually see what’s being advertised, that’s another matter!

You spend a couple of weekends looking around for great deals and all you see is rust and worn-out tyres. So what’s the best bet when it comes to buying a
five-year-old motorcycle?

Some would say a 98-99 Honda Fireblade, they still have the power, the steering feels as new and even after 5 or six years it still looks good.

Apparently, if you’re lucky you can still buy a 98/99 model Honda Fireblade at bike dealers around Cape Town today! This is because Honda overstocked their warehouses anticipating large-scale sales.

A few things to think about when buying a used superbike!

· Don’t rely on the mileage stated by the owner, especially if it’s a grey import.
· Try and find a bike in as close to original condition as you can get.
· Send the bike for an inspection at a reliable concern.
· Recheck and double-check everything before making your purchase.
· If you can afford a warranty, get one!
· Check to see if the identification numbers are in order.
· Remember that buyers have fewer legal


There’s always a way to fit a superbike into your budget, a second-hand Honda Fireblade is one of them. While looking around you’ll undoubtedly see a broad selection of bikes on the market.

General consensus has it that the Blade has stood the test of time. A good few of the models out there have remained relatively corrosion free, fast to ride and still within the budget of the average buyer.

There are sure to be a few good examples waiting for a test drive at a few of Cape Town’s local bike shops. So get out there and take a Honda Fireblade, in-line four, 918cc super superbike for a test ride.

Enjoy one of the most user friendly superbikes that has been around in the last ten years. At the same time save some money!

About the Author: aids those looking for motorcycles in Cape Town. Whether to attend bike rallies in Cape Town or to organise a vehicle for an overland safari, youll find one at BikeFinder.


Written by: Greg Hudson

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