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100% Home Financing with Credit Score as Low as 570

We have many great deals on Real Estate and more on our Web Site.

More coming weekly. Unlike many classifieds, we do NOT charge the public for access to view our information, homes, business listings, cars, trucks, jeeps, investment property, our customers have to offer. We also have a secure link to apply and get Pre-Approved for a mortgage loan. By the way, no charge for the Pre-Qualification. It's Free!! Pre-Qualification loans make searching for real estate and much easier. It also helps you get a better deal. The Pre-Qualification can be used for homes, business investments and such on our Web Site or any where you find a home or business investment. I think this is a great service and I am glad to be able to offer this to you without any obligation to purchase from our advertisers at our Web Site.

We have a place open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for people to advertise their Homes For Sale by Owner, Homes For Rent by Owner, For Sale by Owner, FSBO, cars, ATV's, etc. These listings here are becoming very popular.

We have a place for people to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for investments, homes, automobiles, boats, cars, motorcycles, trucks, Homes For Sale by Owner, Homes For Rent by Owner, For Sale by Owner, FSBO, ATV's, investment property, etc. It's safer and more comfortable to shop from home. My Web Site also helps you know the going prices of some real estate property so to help you stay up to date with property values. But... we have some great deals here so don't depend on them being at high market prices. Also... you are dealing directly with the owners. This will cut your costs considerably. Saving you money and time. Both time and money are of great value in my humble opinion. Let us help you save gas, time and money with our Online Classifieds!!

We have investment properties listed, this is very good for people that feel real estate is a safer investment rather than investing in the stock market. Real Estate is a very good investment

opportunity in my humble opinion. The market for homes, businesses, investments is a booming business since Hurricane Katrina and all the major hurricanes in the year 2005. Please stop by and take a look for yourself. Make your own choices.


We have added a New Service for our visitors

We added a Mortgage Pre-Qualification Form

This is a protected secure form for your protection

No Purchase from our Web Site Required

No Application Fees Required

You may use this to get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage Loan,

Purchasing, Debt Consolidation, Re-Financing, etc.

Stated Income Loans for Self-Employed

100% Loan with Credit Score Low as 570!

Lending Residentially Anywhere in the US

Minimum Loan Amount $40,000.00

No Maximum Loan Amount

We also do Commercial Loans


Lending Commercially Anywhere in the World

Minimum Loan Amount $100,000

No Maximum Loan Amount

Requirements are Minimum

Two years in same line of work, not nessesarily at same place

No Rental History Required

Rent Free Letters Accepted

Stated Income Loans for Self-Employed


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About the author:

Jim is the Creator of Bonham Enterprise's

A NEW Online Classifieds that works!

Both for buyers a sellers!

Free Application for Residential & Commercial Loans

100% Loan with Credit Score as Low as 570!!

Written by: Jim Bonham

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