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A Strong mind has to have a strong body ...doesn't it?

A Strong mind has to have a strong body ...doesn't it?

Any African American parents or any parents for that matter, been in school and called an egghead? You think you are so smart! Everyone used to make the smart children feel bad because they could do the math, english or science subjects better.

Well these same people never did ask you how fast you could run, or how much weight you could lift, or how many pushups you could do either. Don't let the same negative reinforcement make your homeschool children live their most important years of their lives in an unhealthy environment. Healthy lifestyles for the future must be taught and emphasized while our children are young.

Everyone has been reading or hearing on the television how overweight our nation of achievers is becoming or staying. Also it's being emphasized about how children need to be taught how to eat right, exercise and laying a foundation for physical activities early childhood education . Homeschooled children are no different and I have a few resources to help keep your children exercising to start them off to a good start and keep healthy lifestyles.

Investing in your child's education is equally important as investing in their exercising on a regular basis also. While this article will not focus on the nutritional aspects of a healthy lifestyle (at least not this one, it would take up the majority of the info according to my research and I'm not a nutritionist!) the exercise aspects will be highlighted for their importance to your children. Don't forget to a good parent must focus on physical activities early childhood education.

Keep in mind this acronym - ASMASBMSLL (A Strong Mind and A Strong Body Makes for a Strong Long Lifestyle). It's a matter of preparation related to Proverbs 22: 6, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Your local YMCA or YWCA can provide a year-round foundation for exercise to keep your children healthy. If this resource isn't reasonably available there are still even more options to provide your children

a healthy lifestyles foundation. Martial Arts classes are a great start for children of any age and can help develop not only a healthy body, but a more focused and disciplined mind. Dance classes are an incredible way for your children to have fun and develop strong bodies, many homeschool parents have even exclaimed how their children's have benefited from taking martial arts or performing in a dancenter.

When African American children are taught to focus and learn a new skill, with their flexible and creative minds they begin to transfer the same training to their homeschool studies. Dance classes have many choices to make between modern dance, tap dance, ballet and jazz to name a few. Let's also remember to possibly enroll your children in foundation yoga classes and tumbling classes for flexible minds and bodies.

I personally have a neighborhood resource here in North Texas thru a great professional dance teacher Kristy Jo. She works with children of all ages and has a specific stretch and movement class exclusively for homeschoolers. As we find other resources we will continue to update this incredible info for our children's healthy lifestyle, so don't forget to keep in touch.

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