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A Gorgeous Flooring for Yoga and exercise, Tatami Interlocking Mats

Tatami interlocking floor mats are presented by This Tatami mat is new generation and comfortable flooring for Yoga, Martial Arts and Exercise Schools.

Most of Yoga, Martial Arts, Karate, Judo, Child-care Centers, Fitness and Exercise centers require a comfortable and safe flooring environment. With a non-slip surface and 5/8 inch thickness interlocking mats, students can avoid many injuries during exercise and enjoy the comfort in practicing Yoga and exercise. The tatami style interlocking mats can also create a peaceful atmosphere and dynamic environment. The soft rubber form material tatami interlocking floor mats are very easy to assemble, expand, move, store and clean.

The tatami interlocking floor mat is made by EVA textured form. Each mat can cover 9 square foot flooring area and it is 5/8 inch in thickness. Its oriental style designs provide the comfortable and natural environment for living room, bedroom, home gyms and sun deck. Many Aikido, Karate, Judo and Martial Arts Schools are not only the user, but also start introducing these mats

to their students. Most of them have become partners of after having excellent experience with tatami interlocking floor mats. If you like to know more about this floor mat, please visit is a manufacturer-direct distributor and wholesaler for EVA form mats. Their interlocking puzzle mat products include Tatami style mats and educational music puzzle mat. These products are widely using at home, yoga studios, fitness centers, martial arts and many exercise schools. With high quality EVA foam material and cutting edge technology, these interlocking puzzle mats provide a safe, comfortable, waterproof, anti-fatigue soft-tile for businesses and homes. To know more about this company, please visit

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