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7 Ways to Avoid Charity Fraud

Hurricane Katrina hit and now charities are asking for your help, primarily in monetary form. Here are seven ways to keep from harm against a con artist who wants to take advantage of your good will.

You can make sure your hard earned money gets into the right hands with these seven safety tips when asked for a donation.

1. Asking for their identification is a must. The organization AND the solicitor. Find out what the purpose of the charity is and how funds are used and allocated.

2. Ask if contributions are tax deductible

3. If you're not convinced by their answers…DON'T GIVE A DONATION.

4. Give to charities and foundations you know.

5. Do a web search and some checking if you've never heard of the charity before or if it is a name that is similar to the ones you know of.

6. Do not fall for high pressure tactics. If solicitors won't take no for an answer, or come

back tomorrow so you can do your homework on them, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

7. Be suspicious of charities who only accept cash. Always send a check made out to the charity and NOT to the individual requesting the donation.

By knowing a few tips when charities are asking for funds, it can make the difference between giving away your money to a con artist…or helping the people who need it the most with your generous donation.
About the Author

Michelle Annese is a 3rd degree black belt with 16+ years experience teaching self defense and safety for women and children. She is an inductee to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and is the creator of Diva Defense Training, and The SafeGuard System for Kids. All designed for woman and children to learn self defense at home... FAST! For more info go to

Written by: Michelle Annese

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