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20 Reasons Women Choose Self-Defense At Home

Self-defense is a necessity. Crime and violence is on the rise and no neighborhood is immune from this terrible onslaught. Why take years to learn the basics of self-defense when you can learn some highly effective, deadly accurate moves in just a few hours. Practice them periodically and refine your knowledge.

Why Learn the Art of Self-Protection at Home?

1. Increase in your self-confidence.

The more you learn and understand the basics of self-defense; your self-confidence levels will increase. When your confidence goes up it will spill over into all areas of your life. People will notice a change in you. Your step will have more spring to it.

2. You work in areas where you have to walk alone at night to your car.

Most places women work at donít offer security guards to accompany you to your car after work; you are on your own. Attacks in parking lots and parking garages are increasing. Those are areas that are usually semi isolated and not well patrolled or lit. Theyíre a prime place for attacks.

3. Reduce your worry so you can sleep better.

When people are plagued with fear and worry their sleep suffers. Lack of sleep creates anxiety, depression and a general bad mood. You get mad easy and your temper flares up quickly. Your relationship with your family and friends can suffer because of your lack of sleep.

4. Get more exercise.

Today our country has the most obese, out of shape and tired people, in the entire world. Heart attack rates have dramatically increased over the years. A lack of sleep can shorten your life span considerably. The exercise you get with our program isnít a lot. But we do find that people start to feel better about themselves as they start to put more effort in the exercise portion of their lives. This in turn leads to greater health.

5. Youíll learn in your in your own home and at your own pace.

Most women today are very busy, as both husband and wife need to work to make ends meet. That just doesnít leave a lot of time to travel to a dojo to workout several times a week.

6. You can invite a friend to workout with you.

It really takes dedicated people to drive themselves and workout trying to accomplish a goal such as self-defense. The chore turns into a fun task when you have someone to share the experience with. Invite a friend over and both can learn the program together. It makes the process that much more realistic too. Having a real person to practice the moves on is the way to go.

7. Violent crimes are increasing and happening in all neighborhoods.

It doesnít matter where you live anymore; all neighborhoods are experiencing some sort of increase in crime. Granted, some areas are much safer than others, but the trend is still everywhere. You owe it to yourself and your family to prepare for any encounter.

8. Want to loose weight.

Itís a proven fact, any type of activity is good for you and most activities will help you hold or even loose weight. I understand some people have medical problems with their weight and Iím not talking to that segment of the population. The rest need to work in this area. How about being around to enjoy your grandkids?

9. No monthly fees.

With our program at PDS Personal Defense Systems you pay once and never have any monthly fees like you would have at a dojo or gym. Put the money youíll save into a new wardrobe as the weight comes off and you tone up.

10. How to instantly spot potentially dangerous situations and avoid them.

Itíll surprise you, as you become more aware, how many dangerous situations are happening all around you. Learn to spot them and avoid them. If you canít, learn how to deal with them in your favor with self-defense.

11. Youíll learn how to keep your mind active, alert, and open.

As your mind becomes more active, your senses start to open up and youíll naturally become more alert to dangerous situations. Youíll spot them instantly and avoid them completely.

12. Youíll learn how to be in control and stay in control.

As you practice youíll learn what control is, and when that happens youíll know how to stay in control. Sometimes in a panic situation it wonít look like youíre in control, but in fact you will be. If things happen to get out of control, youíll learn how to regain the

upper hand.

13. Youíll learn you donít have to be perfect to be extremely effective.

Unlike traditional martial arts, perfection isnít necessary. Execution of each move, geared to your particular body style, is what makes this system work. If a particular move doesnít feel right to you, keep the basic structure but change it to fit your body style.

14. Youíll learn to function automatically.

As you gain confidence and skill, through the action of the mind training the body training the mind, youíll notice youíre starting to just react to certain situations. Women who donít know how to react in panic situations tend to freeze up. Some will try to fight back but will actually only make the situation worse because they donít know how to effectively strike their attacker.

15. Youíll learn how these techniques can be taught to every member of the family.

Once you learn the system, teach it to your family members. If they arenít interested in learning everything, teach them some of the most lethal and important moves.

16. Youíll learn that self-defense is actually fun.

As you progress through the various lessons youíll start to enjoy what is happening to you and your training partner. Youíll have a lot of fun as you progress in knowledge and understanding of womenís self-defense.

17. Youíll learn how to end every assault quickly and get back to safety.

An assault is generally won or lost in the first 5 seconds. You need to know the deadly moves to use during that time frame. If it drags out too long, youíll become too tired and wonít be effective. Learn to strike quickly and precisely at the most sensitive pressure points on your assailantís body.

18. Youíll learn about preventive defense, and how to stay out of compromising situations.

Itís better NOT to ever get into a fight. By noticing bad situations before they come your way you start to understand the art of preventive defense. Drive away from a questionable area; donít walk through a crowd if it doesnít feel right to you.

19. Learn to trust in your instincts.

This area is ignored much too often. Pay attention to that inner voice all of us have even if it seems silly to you at times. It is always better to be safe, than sorry.

20. Learn to always smile and look at the good in all situations.

This doesnít mean you bury your head in the sand. It simply means start to become a positive person. Life is much too short to be a grump. Smile and enjoy what you have. If you donít have much, smile and know that itís up to you to move to a higher level in life.

The high paced world we are living in is becoming increasingly unsafe across all racial and class barriers. It is time to get the knowledge to fight back and regain our freedom.

For additional information about this course on womenís self-defense and the revealing strategies and techniques for your personal protection, go to A free daily email about personal security is provided to all those who request it. The full course is available and ready to ship under the trademark of K & K Enterprises.

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About The Author

Ken Keiscome has been studying martial arts since the mid 1970's. His training includes karate, wing chun kung fu, and defensive knife and stick fighting. He is the author of the workbook for the PDS Personal Defense System and has narrated and produced several self defense CD's. He believes that all women need to know a few lethal techniques to effectively defend themselves and escape to safety.

Written by: Ken Keiscome

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