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About John F. Bradley, Jr. :
John F. Bradley, Jr. is one the well known Attorneys in San Jose, California. He graduated from the famous Santa Clara University School of Law and started practicing from thereon. He has been practicing for more than 10 years and has been successful throughout his career.

Membership Details:

Mr. Bradley is the proud member of some of the greatest law associations in California. Some of which are listed below,

Santa Clara County Bar Association
Consumer Attorneys of California
American Trial Lawyers Association
Member of Better Business Bureau, Silicon Valley.

Services Rendered:

John. F. Bradley, Jr. provides personal service for business, commercial and individual legal needs. He helps businesses and individuals enforce contracts and promissory notes, bad checks, collect on their accounts receivable, and enforce business deals. Mr. Bradley also helps people get compensation for their injuries suffered in

accidents. His services include,

Personal injury settlement and litigation.
Resolving contract and other business disputes.
Mediation and Arbitration.
Enforcement of judgments


To assist businesses and individuals in understanding their rights and duties, resolving their situations, and providing access to the court system if required.


Mr. Bradley has been involved in enforcing judgments from the beginning of his career as an attorney. Mr. Bradley has also acted as a mediator since 2001 in personal injury and business cases. He underwent mediation training at the Northern California Mediation Center. Mr. Bradley has served as a court appointed arbitrator in civil cases since 1999.

Mr. Bradley offers a low-cost initial consultation. In addition to the normal business hours, evening appointments are also available for the convenience of those in need of any legal assistance.

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