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Anthony Castelli, Attorney at Law Announces Website Update

Cincinnati personal injury attorney, Anthony Castelli recently released an updated version of his website located at The website features an attorney profile detailing Mr. Castelli’s background and expertise. It also includes each of the types of personal injury claims that he handles in the Cincinnati area. These practice areas include personal injury, wrongful death, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, work place construction injuries, workers compensation, social security disability, dog bites and defective product injuries.

Mr. Castelli, who has been an attorney for over

twenty-two years, stated that he has “focused on protecting the rights of injury and accident victims and the disabled.” He believes that “the most important thing [he] can give [his] clients is the knowledge that [he] cares about their needs and that [he] will zealously give [his] best efforts in any matter - big or small.” With his updated website, he will be able to reach out to a larger spectrum of injured people. The website also provides general legal resources for people just needing more information about different types of personal injury law.

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For more information regarding personal injury lawyers in Cincinnati Ohio, please click here.

Written by: Sara Goldstein

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