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5 Reasons for Firewood to Get Your Attention in Early Spring

As the weather hints of warmth and the spring buds appear on trees, firewood may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But early spring is the ideal time to buy or gather your firewood for your fireplace or woodstove. Why? Here are 5 good reasons:

  1. Firewood needs at least six months to season. If you want your firewood ready for the cool days of next fall, now’s the time to be getting it.

  2. Insects living under the bark are dormant in early spring. When you store firewood now for use next fall or winter, any insects will likely die before you bring the firewood into your home. That’s a plus!

  3. Prices for firewood are generally down in early spring, and the supplies are good. Buying now instead of waiting for cold weather to buy your firewood will save you money.

  4. Fuel costs, especially the cost of heating oil, are rising. Many people will be turning to their fireplaces as a source of supplemental heat, especially when they see their fuel bills next winter. So next fall is expected not only to have the regular seasonal increase in firewood prices but also to see

    additional price increases due to unusually high demands. Buying your firewood now puts you ahead of those price increases that are forecast for firewood next fall.

  5. Landowners whose property has been logged will welcome you if you ask permission to salvage firewood. Loggers leave behind about 50% of each tree, cluttering the landscape but providing you with free firewood. With a chain saw and a wood splitter, you can tailor your firewood to the dimensions of your fireplace. There’s considerably less competition for this free firewood in early spring than there is during the cooler seasons.

So go ahead and let your thoughts turn to springtime, but get a jump on next fall now, too. When the cool weather returns, you’ll be glad to have your seasoned firewood waiting for you.

About The Author

Susan Penney appreciates simple ways to make our homes renewing spaces for our families. She invites you to visit for fireplace accessories to serve your fire-less or your fire-filled fireplace.

Written by: Susan Penney

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