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Herbs are drugs. Using them is not without risk. If you choose to try herbs as a treatment for diabetes symptoms, please do the following:

1. Get the correct herb. If you aren't absolutely sure of the identity of the herb, don't use it.

2. Let everyone know. Herbs may effect your other medications. Be sure to tell your health care team which herbs you wish to try.

3. Test only one herb at a time and watch for side effects. Be sure to take it in its recommended dose. If any reactions

occur, stop using the herb immediately, and contact your doctor.

4. Read the label. The word "standardized" means that the herb has been processed slightly to assure a guaranteed amount of the active ingredient. Standardized herbs may be a bit more expensive, but at least you will know what you are getting.

5. Monitor your blood sugar levels. Have your doctor check your kidney function on a regular basis. 6. Continue eating healthy and exercising regularly.

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Written by: Khosla

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