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Armchairs, sofas, beds made of AIR basically. SoftAir furniture

Armchair: textile cover-1, air elements-7 pcs. The maximal loading on one air element - 400 kg. Very strong air elements (cells), passed the toughest levels of tests. Inflatable SoftAir furniture: amazingly relaxed comfort, transforms to fit your body, individually adjustable, 100% washable, anti-allergic, sustainable ecodesign, light, compact, easy to set up, put away, store, move! SoftAir bed is giving the body support in just the

right places for any individual, the higher pressure the higher resistance. For allergic people it is good news that SoftAir is the world's first 100% washable upholstery and beds. SoftAir transforms to fit your body - not the other way around. The division in separate cells preventing air from moving away is also a part of the secret. Tested and recommended by well reputed doctors of ergonomics

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