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Article Content A Garden Furniture Store That Is Environmentally Friendly

Arboreta is an inspirational online garden furniture shop that sources all of it's raw materials from sustainable rainforests in Indonesia to help protect the environment.

Increasingly the garden or patio are becoming an additional living space to the home. As a result garden furniture is now a fashion statement that home owners utilise to improve their living space. This is fuelling a growing multi million leisure industry in the United Kingdom.

The range of garden furniture offered by Arboreta include tables and chairs, sun lounger, benches and accessories in teak, oak, wrought iron and aluminium in both contemporary designs and traditional elegance. Arboreta takes its responsibility to the environment seriously and the countries they manufacture in. There is no teak in the rainforest in Indonesia as it is not an indigenous species; as such their teak is grown in government controlled plantations which are a truly sustainable resource. Additionally, only premium grade teak is used for their outdoor and garden furniture, so any knots, cracks and other defects are eliminated before the timber is used to build their furniture. Their wrought iron garden furniture is hand crafted and has a unique and distinctive quality and style.

Wood is increasingly becoming the material of choice for constructing garden furniture. Tropical hardwood like teak, iroko or courbaril, that have a high oil content, have a natural protection against weathering and tend to last much longer than other forms of untreated wood. Primarily, however these tropical hardwoods are used for their aesthetic properties which compliment and balance most patios and gardens.

As demand continues to grow for both contemporary and traditional style garden furniture, it is imperative that this industry takes responsibility for it's affects on

these natural resources .

Constructing garden furniture from raw materials that are sourced from sustainable plantations not only protects the environment but ensures that the quality of wood used is premium grade. This not only ensures that the customer is receiving a premium product but also one that will last longer and therefore reduce the demand for additional raw materials in the future.

This environmentally friendly approach also extends through to the rest of the arboreta garden furniture range. Their hammocks, parasols and accessories are all constructed from materials sources from sustainable plantations. Arboreta also offers a patio heaters range. Their infra-red electric patio heaters have comparatively low electric consumption. This saves their customers money on electricity while protecting the environment at the same time.

Outdoor lighting or garden lighting is another aspect to the garden that will allow you to enjoy your new space well into the evenings. The oil lantern range allows you to add light to any area of your garden without the need for worrying about electrical extensions. Now a days, lamp oil or liquid paraffin is highly refined and is virtually odourless and smokeless, but more amazingly, it is cheaper to use than electricity.

So it appears that as with most other industries, going environmentally friendly not only saves the planet but also results in a better product due to stricter control and monitoring which is passed on to the consumer. This is the only way forward.

About the author:

Angus Charlton is managing director of Arboreta Garden Furniture Store ( ). He is a keen gardener who has developed a garden furniture business that resources from sustainable rainforests and contributes to the art of Feng Shui for gardens.

Written by: Angus Charlton

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