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A Look at Planting Flower Bulbs

Flowers are a favorite of many backyard gardeners. Thanks to their ease of planting and relatively low cost, flower bulbs are a popular choice for flower gardens. Not only are flower bulbs beautiful, but planting them is a very simple undertaking.

Planting flower bulbs is so easy, in fact, that it’s almost foolproof. The most important consideration is timing. Flower bulbs need to be planted when the ground is cool—not too hot and not too cold. It’s best to plant them about six weeks before the ground freezes.

The next consideration is location. You’ll want to choose a place where the soil drains well—bulbs do not grow well in areas with standing water. Bulbs also need a location that is well lit and sunny.

Make sure that the soil is loose. It does not require any fertilization or special treatment. However, you might want to add compost or peat moss if you’re working in a new flowerbed.

The next consideration in planting flower bulbs is purely cosmetic. You’ll want to consider the placement of the various flowers. Generally, bulbs should be

densely planted—they do not look as nice planted alone or in thin lines. Taller flowers should be planted behind short ones. Consider the finished product as you are planning your flower beds. Think about which color combinations work best together, as well as which varieties of flowers best complement each other.

Once you have determined placement, you are ready to plant. Dig your holes about six to eight inches deep (follow package directions). Place the bulb in the ground with the pointed end facing up. Cover the hole and pack it firmly to release any air holes. Water the ground thoroughly.

As you can see, planting flower bulbs is a fun and easy project. With a little patience and creativity, you can have a beautiful and enjoyable flower bed. Flower Bulbs provides detailed information on wholesale, discount, spring, summer, and fall flower bulbs for sale, flower bulb catalog and company information, and advice on planting flower bulbs. Flower Bulbs is the sister site of Flower Delivery Web.

Written by: Dave Lavinsky

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