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A Hyacinth Flower Garden - In Miniature

A Hyacinth Flower Garden - In Miniature

Tools: -- tweezers, scissors, hot glue gun and glue.


1. medium-weight green wire - 2 1/2 inches for each flower stem.
2. shredded styrofoam in several colors -- pink, blue, white, yellow.
3. green foliage -- spagnum moss, plastic grass picks, pieces from an artificial plastic or paper evergreen.
4. Plastic foam base for landscaped scene or some scrap to hold the flowers until used.



1. Heat glue gun.
2. Cut wire into correct length.
3. Apply hot glue to 1/2 inch of wire.
4. Immediately dip glued end into colored shredded foam of your choice. Work foam into glue, BEING CAREFUL

NOT TO BURN YOUR FINGERS. Then stick the other end of the wire into the foam base.
5 Clip greenery from source, then hot glue the pieces around base of flower wire.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have the size hyacinth garden that you wish.
7. Inhale deeply...and take time to smell the flowers!!!!

About the Author

JOAN BRAMSCH is a family person, educator, writer and E-publisher. Her articles appear internationally in print and online. Six of her best-selling adult novels - near one million copies - have worldwide distribution. Her
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Written by: Joan Bramsch & Vicki Metzger

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