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10 reasons to buy silk flowers and plants over real ones

Should I buy silk plants and flowers for my home or office or go with real ones? You should take into account a few factors that may help make your decision an easier one. Along with todays technology making silk plants look more lifelike than ever, below you will find ten reason to pick silk plants and flowers over the real thing. 1. Silk plants offer long term savings over real ones due to the fact that they require very little attention if any. 2. No insects, in real plants insects like the moisture from the watering and will take home in the plant. 3. They eliminate indoor allergies created by real plants and flowers. 4. They will never outgrow the space they are in. 5. Pets are not attracted to them like real plants eliminating accidents and clean up. 6. You'll never have water damage from the pot

leaking or spilling when watering real plants. 7. If your in an office it significantly reduces security issues by limiting the number of maintenance visits. 8. For outdoor silk plants you won't have to use harmful pesticides. 9. No Mold or mildew buildup from watering too much. 10. You can add and rearrange silk flowers and plants to meet your individual tastes at any particular time.
About the Author

Chad Young is the owner of a silk plant and tree business and is one of the foremost experts when it comes to new interior decorating ideas and manufacturing artificial arrangements. To find out more about the products or information visit his website by clicking the link - Silk Flowers, Silk Plants, Silk Trees, Artificial Cactus, Interior Decorating Ideas

Written by: Chad Young

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