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10 Ways To Get More Of Your Visitors To Subscribe To Your Ezine

1. Promote your ezine on the top third of your site, and on every page of your site with a subscription box that advertises your ezine.

2. Tell your visitors the benefits of subscribing to your ezine -- what's in it for them for subscribing to your ezine.

3. Provide a bonus for subscribing to your ezine. Your bonus could be a f-ree ad, ebook, email course, software, or access to your members only site.

4. Make sample issues of your ezine available to your visitors by autoresponder.

Your sample issues will increase your subscriptions by giving your visitors a firsthand look at the valuable content to be found in your ezine, the topics you cover, your point of view, and your personality.

5. Provide an archive of all your past issues.

You could provide your visitors with a web based archive of all your past issues. This will not only help you to get more subscribers, but will also fill your site with keyword rich webpages which can help your site to rank higher in the search engines.

In addition, you can create your archive by making all of your past issues available by autoresponder if you don't have the time to keep up a web based archive.

6. Tell your visitors that if they subscribe to your ezine that they'll be entitled to

subscriber only discounts.

This could be discounts on purchasing your products or discounts on advertising in your ezine.

7. Publish testimonials for your ezine on your site.

This will increase the number of people that subscribe to your ezine by showing them what your ezine has done for other people - how it has helped them, provided them with valuable information, showed them how to promote their businesses etc.

8. Let your visitors know that you will never sell or give away their information. Have a strong privacy policy in place.

9. Tell your visitors what your next issue is going to be about. For instance what the topic of the feature article is or anything new you have planned.

10. Have a sweepstakes or contest for f-ree advertising or products. Tell your visitors that if they subscribe to your ezine that they will be entered every month in your contest or sweepstakes.

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Written by: Ken Hill

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