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10 Valuable Tips For Ezine Publishers

1. Write your own articles.

Your articles will give you an effective way to build up your status as an expert by sharing your tips and advice with your readers.

Your articles will also help you to effectively promote your business through your resource box at the end of your articles.

Use your articles to get more subscribers by submitting them to article directories and announcement lists with a resource box that promotes your ezine.

2. Recommend the products of affiliate programs you've joined to your subscriber base.

If you've earned the trust of your subscribers your recommendations will help you to successfully increase your commissions.

Only recommend products you can honestly vouch for and that you believe can meet your subscribers' needs.

3. Swap ads with other ezine publishers.

You could swap an ad for your ezine or for your business with another ezine publisher in exchange for publishing her ad in your ezine.

Try to swap ads for multiple issues and track your ads so that you'll know which ezines are the best ones to continue swapping ads with.

4. Swap "thank you" page ads with other ezine publishers.

Promote other ezines on the page your new subscribers are taken to after filling out a form or subscription box to join your ezine in exchange for those publishers promoting your ezine on their "thank you" pages.

In addition to swapping ads on this page, you can also swap recommendations with other ezine publishers to get even more powerful promotion from your "thank you" page swaps.


Publish testimonials.

Post testimonials for your ezine on your site as well as testimonials for your products within your ezine.

6. Provide a sample issue or an archive of your past issues on your site.

This will help you to increase your subscriptions by showing your visitors what your ezine has to offer them.

7. Encourage reader participation.

You could run contests, have your readers send in their tips, or have an ask the editor section where you answer questions sent in from your subscribers.

You could also ask your readers to send in their articles for publication in your ezine.

8. Occasionally send out a special solo mailing to your subscribers that tells them about your sale, discount, or subscriber only special.

9. Promote your ezine in your signature file. Use your signature file in your emails to your visitors and clients that email you with their questions and also in your posts to moderated discussion lists and forums.

10. Promote your ezine on every page of your site.

You never know what page your visitors might enter your site from. Promoting your ezine on every page ensures that your visitors will know about your ezine and that they'll be able to easily subscribe to your publication.

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Written by: Ken Hill

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