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10 Tips For Effective Free Ezine Advertising

Free ezine advertising is great way to get your ads seen in quality publications all over the Web. And the
best part is it's free of charge. But are your free ezine ads getting any results? Listed below are ten tips for improving the effectiveness of your free ezine ads.

1. Keep Them Short

Most people skim through free ezine ads. Make sure that your ad is short enough to be read in a few seconds. Basically, short ads may get read. Long ads get ignored.

2. Get To The Point

Make sure your ad gets down to business fast. If readers can't figure out what your ad is about in the first sentence or two they move on.

3. Use Attention Grabbers

Use words that will grab skimmers attention. Words like FREE, MONEY, TRAFFIC. Make sure that the words
you use apply. Use exclamation points at the end of sentences. Don't go overboard though.

4. Make Your Ad Different

If your ad looks and sounds like all the others it will be looked over. Try to promote unique URL's instead of replicated affiliate websites etc.

5. Submit Early

If you submit your ad early, you are more likely to get your ad published near the top of the free ezine ad listings. The first few ads usually get
read, while the rest get

skimmed through.

6. Save Ads In Text Editor

Keep a file of all your ads in a text editor like Notepad or Microsoft Word. This way you will always have them
readily available.

7. Thank The Publisher

When you submit your free ad, be sure to thank the publisher for the free advertising. This kind gesture may get your ad placed before all the other free ads.

8. Submit Often

Whenever you see an opportunity to submit a free ad, take it. Submit as often and as many ads as each ezine
will allow.

9. Keep Your Ads Tasteful

Make sure that your ads are G-rated and are not offensive. Publishers are very concerned about their ezine's image and
are quick to delete ads that they feel may harm it.

10. Keep Stats

Keep track of the results of each ad. Find out which ads work, and which don't. Reuse the ads that are effective, and discard the ones that are not.

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About the Author

Timothy Ward publishes the 'Free Promotion Tips' ezine, a weekly ezine that consists of articles, tips, and resources designed to help you find
no-cost methods of online promotion. Visit:

Written by: Timothy Ward

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