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10 First Rate Tips To Getting More Ezine Subscribers

1. Submit your ezine to ezine directories.

Ezine directories attract people interested in subscribing to ezines that provide them with information about their interests such as marketing, affiliate programs, gardening, or staying healthy.

In addition, ezine directories will help you to find people to buy advertising in your publication as well as other publishers who would like to swap ads or do a joint venture with you.

2. Promote your ezine in your signature file. Include a couple lines of promotion for your ezine in addition to the other information in your sig file.

3. Add a subscription box for your ezine on every page of your site. This will ensure that whatever page your visitors enter your site from, they will be able learn about your ezine and subscribe to your publication.

4. Provide a bonus for subscribing to your ezine such as an ebook, report, tutorial, marketing course, or access to your subscriber's only membership site.

Mention your bonus when promoting your ezine on your site, in your signature file, and when submitting your publication to ezine directories.

5. Buy classified ads or sponsor ads for your publication in ezines that you are already subscribed to and enjoy reading.

Also search ezine directories for ezines that reach your target market and offer reasonable advertising rates.

6. Swap ads with other ezine publishers. Be specific when asking for your ad swap. Clearly define where you will place the other publisher's ad and ask the other publisher to place the same ad for you.

Also ask for confirmation of your ad and a copy of the issue your ad will run in, and provide the other publisher

with a copy of her ad and a copy of the issue you run her ad in.

To get the most out of your swaps trying swapping ads for at least 3 issues in a row and track your swaps, so that you will be able to pinpoint which ads and ezines give you the best response.

7. Use your articles to promote your ezine. Add a resource box that advertises your ezine to articles that you've written and run in your ezine or write articles specifically for promoting your ezine.

Next submit your articles to other ezine publishers, to article directories, and to article announcement lists.

8. Use autoresponders to promote your ezine to your visitors. Make sample issues of your ezine available by autoresponder or use your autoresponders to create an archive of all your past issues.

9. Publish testimonials/endorsements for your ezine on your site. If you've received tons of these for your ezine, use an autoresponder to deliver them to your visitors.

10. Swap recommendations with other ezine publishers. You could swap recommendations where the other publisher puts her recommendation of your ezine in her own words while you do the same for her.

You could also publish a recommended ezines section if you wanted to swap recommendations with several other ezines interested in swapping recommendations with each other.

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Written by: Ken Hill

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