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10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles To Ezines

You've heard everywhere that submitting articles can increase your online exposure, but here's a quick run down of all the other benefits you can expect. Believe me, it really is worthwhile writing articles.

1. You'll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to ezines. You could include your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and email address in your resource box. With more articles published, your name will become synonymous with quality products.

2. You will become known as an expert on the topics you write about. This will give you and your business extra credibility which will help you compete against your competition.

3. Your article might also be placed on the publisher's home page. If they publish each issue on their home page this will give you some extra exposure.

4. You might get extra exposure if the ezine publisher archives their ezine on their site. People might want to read the back issues before they make the decision to subscribe.

5. You will get free advertising. This will allow you to spend your profits on other forms of advertising. You could buy advertisements in other ezines that don't publish your articles.

6. You might get extra income from people wanting to hire you to write other articles,

books, or even ask to speak at seminars. This is a great way to multiply your income.

7. You could allow ezine publishers to publish your articles in their free ebooks. Since people give them away, your advertising could multiply all over the internet.

8. You will get your article published all over the web when you submit it to an ezine publisher that has a free content directory on their web site. They'll allow their visitors to republish your article.

9. You'll gain people's trust. If they read your article and like it, they won't be as hesitant to buy your product or service. You will then be able to increase your profits.

10. You could get your article guaranteed to run in an ezine. You could agree to run one of their articles in your ezine if, in exchange, they run yours in their ezine. It's a win/win situation.

The real benefit of writing articles is that it is a long term promotion strategy. Yes, you will get traffic straight away, but as time goes on, your article will be picked up time and time again.

Roger Mayne is the author of 'Traffic For Words'. Never spend another cent on advertising when you learn the power of viral marketing articles. To find out more visit

Written by: Roger Mayne

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