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Barefoot Coffee Roasters Helps Grind Homelessness to a Halt

Emergency Housing Consortium and Barefoot Coffee Roasters partner to deliver sustainable support to end homelessness and build lives

SAN JOSE, CA July 1, 2004 -- Grinding homelessness to a halt is the aim of new partnership between Emergency Housing Consortium (EHC) and Barefoot Coffee Roasters. Through its “Cause and Effect” program, Barefoot Coffee Roasters will raise awareness and provide sustainable support for EHC’s programs serving homeless adults, families, and youth.

For every pound of Casa Segura sold at retail, Barefoot Coffee Roasters will donate $1 to EHC. In addition to retail sales, EHC will receive $0.50 for each pound sold to wholesale customers. Casa Segura will debut at Day on the Meadow and the San Jose America Festival, two July 4th weekend events that also benefit Emergency Housing Consortium.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Barefoot Coffee Roasters,” says Barry Del Buono, EHC’s President and CEO. “For EHC, this support is more than dollars in the door. Casa Segura will help to raise awareness about EHC’s work and the issue of homelessness.”

Casa Segura is a new blend created specifically to benefit EHC by Barefoot Coffee Roasters’ CEO –Chief Espresso Officer – Andy Newbom. Casa Segura is a beautifully bright and lively coffee with rich red wine highlights and sublime floral and cacao undertones. It is a rich and heady blend of a world class Central American coffee and an intense East African coffee. The flavor is rich and buttery yet features a bright and snappy intensity. While Barefoot Coffee Roasters provides sustainable support to the global community by purchasing coffee directly from farmers, the creation of this special blend highlights the company’s commitment to bring that support to the local community.

“All businesses have an obligation to support the community both locally and globally,” says Andy Newbom, CEO of Barefoot Coffee Roasters. “Coffee and community are intertwined. We want to give back to our communities and reach out to everyone regardless of their situation. What we love about Emergency Housing Consortium is their support for the entire community, not just a select few. EHC is a model cause for our Cause and Effect program and we are extremely excited about working hard to spread awareness about their valuable services and having some small hand in grinding homelessness to a


Casa Segura is available for purchase at the July 3rd Day on the Meadow festival and the July 4th San Jose America Festival in downtown San Jose. To jump start the program, the donation an all purchases of Casa Segura made at these two events will be doubled to $2 per pound. It is also available at Barefoot Coffee Roasters located at 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd. in Santa Clara.

Restaurants, cafés or other businesses interested in providing sustainable support for the homeless or any of the other Cause and Effect charitable support programs can contact Barefoot Coffee Roasters at 408-687-3692 for more information.

Emergency Housing Consortium is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation serving homeless and low-income individuals, families, and youth in Santa Clara County. At several locations throughout Silicon Valley, EHC offers shelter, housing and services, and assists clients in their efforts to regain independence. EHC is more than shelter. EHC rebuilds lives. For more information about EHC, please visit or call (408) 539-2100.

Barefoot Coffee Roasters is a full-service coffee and espresso bar and artisan wholesale coffee roaster located at 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd. in Santa Clara (at the corner of Lawrence Expressway near Bed, Bath and Beyond). All coffees are roasted fresh in the café by skilled artisan roasters using old-world, small batch roasting techniques to coax the best flavor out of every coffee. Barefoot Coffee Roasters actively practices and promotes sustainability in both products and practices. Over 85% of Barefoot Coffee Roasters coffees are organic, shade grown and fair traded, resulting in not only better coffee but better living and working conditions for the farmers and their children for successive generations. The café features computers for Internet access, as well as Wi-Fi Internet access, and serves high-quality coffees, teas, pastries, desserts and chocolates. Barefoot Coffees are served and enjoyed in many fine cafés and restaurants throughout the Bay Area. Barefoot Coffee Roasters is proud to be a participating member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the Roasters Guild and a founding member of the Barista Guild of America. For more information, please call (408) 248-4500 or simply drop by.

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