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An entrepreneurial look into the highly successful coffee business in America

Beverage franchised businesses have become so accepted in The United States that everyday entrepreneurs are inventing new ways to make use of this opportunity. Most of the companies that sell the popular drinks that we know and hear about have the possible to become a franchised company. Some have already become franchised businesses because of their vast popularity. Think about Starbucks, Red Bull, Smoothie King, TCBY and Java Joz. These are just a few of the franchised businesses that are highly popular because of the beverage trend in The US. coffee franchise opportunities are not an exception. Coffee franchises are currently the leaders in the beverage franchise industry as America is the number one consumer of coffee and espresso in the world. If you want to own a business with an excellent potential for financial success then you cant go wrong with a reputable coffee franchise. Read on to learn facts about the coffee beverage industry and why having a coffee franchise is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The future of the coffee industry in America is very promising. You can easily dominate the specialty coffee business with a popular coffeehouse franchise in your area. That is not an overstatement, just note these striking facts for coffee consumption in America: The typical consumption in the U.S. is 3 cups of coffee per day, with over half of the adult population drinking coffee daily. This represents over a hundred million Americans. Americans spend an average of $170 annually on coffee and specialty coffee drinks. And with over 400 million cups of coffee every day, the United States is the leading consumer of coffee in the world. Read on and discover why owning a coffee house franchise may be the most financially rewarding decision in your life.

The overly addictive nature of coffee can secure the success of your coffee shop small business. Scientists have turned up some interesting facts on caffeine. Caffeine blocks the effects of a neurotransmitter in the brain (adenosine) that otherwise makes us feel tired. This is why it works so well to keep us awake. It also boosts the release of dopamine (as well as adrenaline). Dopamine contributes to a feeling of well being. In addition to the caffeine in coffee, there are other ingredients that are beneficial to our health; antioxidants including quinines, chlorogenic, tocopherols and magnesium. All of these aid glucose metabolism resulting in a reduced risk factor of certain health problems.

So what do these facts mean to you as an entrepreneur? It is apparent that you can be the owner of a highly successful

coffee house franchise by investing in the coffee industry.

With the popularity of franchising, having a successful business isnt as difficult as it once was. A few decades ago, before the idea of buying a franchise became very popular, the only guarantee to a successful business was a successful business plan. That may still the case today, however, if you are looking for an independent operation as opposed to a franchise. Because of franchising on the other hand, getting started is much simpler for businesspeople wanting to start a business for the first time but who dont posses the knowledge to assemble a winning business plan. Franchising allows first-time entrepreneurs to use a brand product or service, along with a prepared business plan for a franchise fee.

If this is your first attempt to open a coffee shop franchise, you need to collect information on the different varieties of coffee house franchises for sale to find the one that best matches your individual qualities and lifestyle. There are several different types of coffee franchises all offering various products. You will need to decide on the products you want to sell before opening the doors to your business. And there are other important decisions you will need to make-do you want to purchase a drive-thru coffee franchise or a full service coffee franchise? Do you want to sell only coffee or other beverages and pastries as well? Do you want to run a full-time or part-time operation? You wont find many industries that are as flexible as the coffee business. You will find that you have many options in terms of how you run your coffee business and how much time you devote to it.

The most important factor influencing the success of your operation will be the location of your business. Assuming that your intentions are to purchase a coffee franchise, you can expect to negotiate on an excellent location for your new business. Some of the most popular locations for coffee houses are downtown business districts, colleges and universities, tourist areas, airports, and inside shopping malls.

Research is the key to knowledge and then success in life and in business. Gather as much knowledge as possible on your future coffee business. Use that knowledge to avoid difficult roads up ahead. You will be able to breathe easier knowing that you are equipped to manage whatever challenging situation comes your way.

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Written by: Rocky Bowen

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